AKPco is a game developer specializing in games playable on the web, mobile devices, and desktop systems. We work to bring exciting titles to the public that focus on:
  • Interesting mechanics
  • engaging storylines
  • strategic game play
  • approachable without vast time commitments
Here we build games because we want to bring entertainment to the world. We don't worry about a bottom line or catering to investors. We don't measure success by how much we gain but instead by how much we reach our fans.

Our Customers

Our customers are folks that just want to play a game, without all the hassle. Something easy to pickup and fun because it challenges and excites. Sometimes they want to avoid the pressures of modern day gaming and instead relax with an engaging story and interesting game play.

Team AKPco


Adam Pliska

Adam is the founder of AKPco. Currently AKPco is a hobby that takes up many of his hours outside of the office. During the day he works as a web/application developer bringing line of business apps to his internal customers. He has a passion for games and especially games with good art and story. Current favorite game: Aquaria

Contact Information

If you need to get in touch send us some email.

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