Campaign work continues…

For the last few days I’ve been working hard on the campaign. Turns out that creating a story is hard work. Further, I needed to code the ‘special’ rules into the game for the various objectives and other things the player will need to do during the campaign.

Many times during the development of this campaign I ask myself why I am going through this effort. Certainly the story isn’t going to be a game maker or breaker. But as I move through the missions I’m adding special rules or objectives. I think that’s the reason for a campaign. It lets me explore different concepts and goals during gameplay.

Usually the game is won when you destroy all the enemy bases and capture all their cells. During campaign mode I can alter this formula a tiny bit to make things more interesting.

For example, I have one campaign where you need to get four gunships orbiting a planet. The story says they are going to bombard the planet from space. In another you need to escort an NPC from one side of the map to the other, without them getting destroyed. It’s actually fun to play the game with an objective other than destroy everything.

I’ve included a few screenshots of the initial missions I’ve completed in this post. I’m shooting for twenty missions in the campaign I want to offer.

This campaign is taking much longer than I expected, but it’s the last thing on my list. Then it’s deployment time!