Ticking off the tasks to launch

It’s getting slim pickings for tasks around here! (That’s a good thing)
This weekend I finished altering the AI so it would pay attention to the selected difficulty setting. I still have a tad bit more balancing to do. Also, I need to balance against real human players. Even the easy AI can present a challenge that is a bit more than I had wanted.

Also, I altered the random game generator to take into account the size of the map selected. Right now a player can select from smaller and larger maps. These represent maps that have around 100 hexes vs. maps that have around 200 hexes. The game is quite different when playing on a smaller map. I have 100 larger maps and 70 smaller maps. I’m going to create 30 smaller maps and be done with those.

I noticed that beyond selecting AI difficulty the game can be greatly toned up or down from a challenge perspective when selecting the Board Setup difficulty. Right now the game allows the player to select the AI difficulty and the board setup difficulty separately. The AI difficulty controls the amount of work the AI will do to try and beat the player. The board setup difficulty controls how easy the randomized starting locations are compared to the opponents. I’ll have to write a post about how I do this construction, it’s a bit interesting.

Finally I got the campaign selection screen up and running. The game will ship with two campaigns: Training, and Insurrection. As you might guess the training campaign is a set of missions designed to introduce the game. The Insurrection campaign is a short story that will offer a few unique features not found elsewhere in the game. And of course for replay value there will be 200 prepackaged boards (as noted above), randomized boards, and hot seat multiplayer.

More features are popping into my head and being suggested by players but I am trying hard to keep those tabled until after launch. I’m pretty sure I’m feature complete and at this point I’m just filling in data. Barring an idea so good I just can’t leave it out, this thing is almost finished.

Below is a screenshot of the campaign selection screen.


Don’t forget to try the alpha here.