Title music decision made!

Ok, I’ve decided. The new theme music: http://audiojungle.net/item/scifi-menu-theme-1/6126675

I love how audiojungle lets you download a sample. (It has noise so you can’t use it for production) It lets me embed the sound and actually see it in game. That pretty much sold me and the price is awesome.

If you have sound needs you might want to check them out!

Remember the alpha is here: http://www.akpco.net/play-ion-galactic-the-conflict/
Soon to be beta!

On another note, I’ve gotten 100 maps complete! I’ve included a link to the sprite sheet I’ve created to preview each map. It doesn’t look like much outside of the game but it gives an idea to the scope. I am thinking about offering 100 small maps too. These are about 200 tiles. Perhaps 100, 100 tiles maps would be useful too. The smaller maps take on a different feel as you can’t use as many big units.